Tell your story and inspire people to act through impactful visuals.

At LGR Communication we help you design modern PowerPoint presentations, Visual infographics and impactful motion design videos that engage, convince and inspire audiences.

Presentation design

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Have an idea? Have a messy presentation that doesn’t fit with your brand? We’ll craft your vision into a custom Powerpoint presentation that respects your brand guidelines and creates a consistent look across all your decks.


Have raw data? We’ll custom illustrate and develop impactful infographics to transform basic data into a visual story.

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Motion design videos

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Want to simplify your message? Using our design and animation expertise, we’ll make your content impactful and easily digestible in a short video.

Every project is unique

Our flexible add-on services ensure a result tailored to your needs


Voiceover & Audio

Keep your presentation simple and use a voiceover or a background music to set the mood of your presentation.

If you can’t deliver your presentation in person, that doesn’t mean you need to overwhelm your slides with heavy content in hopes of communicating everything. With our professional voiceover recording service your audience will watch your presentation just the way you intend to deliver it. We will help you source the right music to complement your story and evoke the emotions you want your audience to experience.


Photo sourcing

The right picture is worth a thousand words.

With access to a premium collection of high quality photos, our specially trained designers will find the perfect images to enhance your presentation, evoke strong emotions and prompt actions.


Graphs & Tables

Make your data appealing.

Our talented in-house illustrators will pull inspiration from your materials and create precisely designed graphs and tables that are clear and intuitive to help your presentation stand out.



Keep your audience attention with professional animation.

We will help you display your message in a more interactive way using professional and clean animations.


Copywriting & Storyboarding

Focusing on the right information is far more impactful that providing your audience with too many irrelevant details.

We strive for simplicity and take a ‘less is more’ approach. We help you convert content into visuals. We know your industry and it helps us determine when text is more effective in supporting your story. Storyboarding is the first step in our work process. We discuss the presentation objectives with you, gather reference materials and assets, conduct an industry survey and apply the best practices to identify key messages.


Custom illustration

Personalise your presentation with custom-made icons and illustrations.

We have specialists for technical and scientific drawings, iconography and freeform graphics. No matter the style we can design illustrations from scratch that respect your brand style and perfectly complement your presentation.

Our process

Our process is simple. Firstly, we make sure to understand the content and project requirements. Then, we design illustrations that visualise your message and shape it into a desired format. Finally, we implement your feedback to reach the result you are expecting. Check our processes explainer video!

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