Motion Design

Our videos can help you attract more clients by capturing your audience’s interest in less than 2 minutes.

Demo Videos

Demo videos show your customers how something works, step by step. Whether this is an instruction demo or an educational approach, it allows your viewer to follow along visually as you show them how to use your platform, software or mobile app in full detail. This is usually done using a screencast, which displays the user interface a viewer can expect to see, where to navigate in order to find key features, and how to gain the most from the product. Demos can also be animated, and used to showcase the functions of a physical product. Commonly used to tackle Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ’s) or to ontboard new customers and employees, a demo videos will no doubt create an outstanding brand experience.

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Video Infographics

Use storytelling to take viewers on an engaging journey. Custom illustrations represent information in a way that is exciting and most importantly, memorable. When a relevant image is paired with information, people retain 65% of the information three days later, as opposed to retaining only 10% when there isn’t an associated visual. All kinds of information can be conveyed in a video infographic – findings from a report, industry stats and current trends, or high-level conclusions from research.

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Explainer Videos

Quick and simple, explainer videos beautifully describe your business, product, or service in 2 minutes or less with 2 or 3 D animations. Use explainer video as an elevator pitch for your company - that turns complex ideas into intuitive explanations. Watching a video with both audio and visuals makes it easier for your viewers to remember you than if they were reading a text description. With or without animated characters, use this quick, informative and effective way to interact with your audience.

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Kinetic Typography

Animation of sentences and words to the rhythm of a song or voice-over, which gives the video its pace. They are straightforward and clean; the text delivers the message and helps the viewer to focus and remember the information.

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A motion design video to celebrate 20 years of product innovation at Marin’s.

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