Custom PowerPoint Templates

You’ve invested in your brand identity. But brand agencies don’t specialise in presentations and they often forget how necessary and powerful this medium is. We’ll help you create Powerpoint templates that empower any user to make a good impression. In addition to easily editable templates, we’ll deliver visual libraries and a template best practices guideline. You can rest assured your brand identity is safe.

Powerpoint Templates

Maintain consistent look across all your decks. Though your slides reflect your brand, most of the time people show slides they’ve tweaked themselves with the logo at the wrong place, the wrong fonts and colors. We’ll help you design high-quality, user-friendly custom template that fulfill brand guidelines and enable anyone in your company to easily make an impression.

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Assets Libraries

Use the right visual assets. Visual elements are essential to support content. We’ll help you build a beautiful, clever, and effective illustrations and images library so everyone who creates presentations can easily access approved visual elements. Get your people working productively and efficiently with ready-to-use assets for every presentation.

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Personalised Guidance

Personalised Guidance. Maintain your template's integrity. We offer a custom guidebook that details how best to use your template, with step-by-step instructions on how to change visual elements, colours, font sizes and charts the right way. When a user has a specific question about how to use the template to create a presentation, they’ll have the answer.

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Consider outsourcing your presentation needs to LGR Communication. The benefits of our ongoing support include


Increased presentation consistency and quality

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